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REDI SpA has been producing plastic fittings for over 40 years, becoming a highly advanced and successful company.
The reason for this success is our constant effort in offering the most comprehensive service to our Clients aiming at establishing long-lasting and profitable business relationships.
REDI SpA is certified in accordance with quality standards UNI EN ISO 9001.
REDI manufactures and offers the following product ranges:
• PVC rubber ring-sealed fittings for underground drainage (EN 1401)
• PVC and PP inspection chambers
• PVC anti-flooding valves (DN 100 to 400)
• U-PVC solvent weld fittings for above ground drainage (EN 1329 - AFNOR-NF)
• PP pipes and fittings for non-pressure above ground drainage (DIN19560-EN1451)
• Phonoline soundproof piping system
• Surface drainage systems
• Ventilation
REDI SpA is part of Aliaxis Group, world leader in manufacturing of plastic building materials.

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