OTTIMA non return valve

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Why install a non return valve?
Climatic changes plus more and more concentrated urbanization often leads to having overloaded sewage networks with consequent flooding problems.
The easiest and most economic solution to avoid this problem is the installation of a Non Return Valve.
This will protect homes from costly damage, whose resolution are always the owners responsibility.

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OTTIMA has to be installed on waste water pipes and allows the outflow to reach the municipal sewage network avoiding water backflows.
It is highly recommended in cases of:
- Fields which are under the water level
- Areas closest to rivers, lakes, sean
- When the sewage is linked to rainwater pipes (dangerous in case of heavy rain)
- If a sewage network overload has already occurred
- If an extension of the sewage network (with consequent overload) is probable
- When the municipal sewage network includes pumping stations.